“Al Vigneto” is located in Grumello del Monte, in the midst of four hectares of Valcalepio vineyards, in a beautiful hilly area with many vineyards, not far from Bergamo. Vito Siragusa carved out his restaurant on the mezzanine floor of a renovated country homestead, which has now become one of the most popular restaurants in Bergamo. Excellent cuisine and breath-taking views make this place a unique experience to be lived.


In the heart of Valcalepio

Nature is the undisputed protagonist in Valcalepio. A nature made up of vineyards, churches and abbeys from all ages, medieval castles where tradition and modernity go hand-in-hand. Over the years, farms have risen in this area, the bastion of a tradition that the farmers of Bergamo defend with passion. This area is home to the ValCalepio DOC, a long and narrow strip of land with about 800 hectares of vineyards, as well as a few dozen hectares of olive groves.

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