Our cuisine

A cuisine that draws heavily on the sea, on genuine and delicate flavours to be tasted. A cuisine that combines tradition and modernity with new proposals and dishes, refined and beautifully presented. In addition to fish, absolutely fresh and coming from Mazara del Vallo, Al Vigneto proposes homemade pasta, top quality meats and delicious desserts. Everything is made with care by those who love their work and with the passion of those who see cooking as an experience that is always new and exciting. There are many wines, more than 300 quality labels, Italian and international, or coming from the adjoining winery.


Raw Seafood

We offer a list of dishes that never changes, specialities preferred by our customers, such as raw seafood. This is not an easy dish to make for two main reasons: firstly, because the raw ingredients must be of the highest quality and secondly, because of the skill required to prepare and preserve them in order to bring out the sweetness and saltiness of the fish and shellfish. The fish arrives fresh everyday directly from the best suppliers in Mazara del Vallo and is prepared with care by those who have the sea in their heart.

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